[oXygen-user] Early access to <oXygen/> 3.0

Sean Wheller
Tue Jan 6 08:16:27 CST 2004

Hello Chinedu,

This is not George, its Sean. I have included your
message back to the user group with this response.

The problem is that the edition is for all platforms.
It is a unix tarball (tar.gz). On windows should be
able to extract it using Winzip. There is no install,
you just copy the folder to where you want to run the
program and the execute the oxygen.bat file. If you
have a license, then paste it when prompted.

The program should run fine assuming that you have
java already installed.

Hope this helps,

Sean Wheller

--- Chinedu Uchechukwu <> wrote:

    Hallo George,
I do not know what could be the problem, but I could
not install thedownloaded file: 

I thought I would just click it to install (as in
previous windowsversions of oxygen), but the system 
would report that the program is not recognized, and
ask whether I wantit to check on the internet 
bla bla bla!

What should I do to install it in windows xp, just
like the otherversions?


Chinedu,I can confirm that the link does work. On
Linux I canretrieve the file using wget and under the
Konquerorweb browser.Sean Wheller--- George Cristian
Bina <> wrote:  
Hi Chinedu,What do you mean the link did not work for
you ?Both links should workfine.Happy New Year!George 
George Cristian Bina
mailto:<oXygen/> XML Editor -
http://www.oxygenxml.com/----- Original Message
-----From: "Chinedu Uchechukwu"
<>Sent: Monday, January 05,
2004 11:04 PMSubject: [oXygen-user] Early access to
<oXygen/> 3.0    
Hello George,The link below did not work for me
professional xp). What do Ido?    
I like using the "learn structure" to introduce      
the forming of dtd's tostudents, so I shall keep on   

using the 2. series of oxygen to do that.Least I
forget: A Happy new year to you
case you want to give oXygen 3.0 a try please      
find below informationabout where to get it from and
how to set up thelicense.    
All platforms      

Mac OS X      
Please paste the following lines when it asks for     


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