[oXygen-user] Oxygen fails to start on Mac OS X Panther

Dan Caprioara
Mon Nov 3 00:59:14 CST 2003


There are users that have run the Oxygen XML Editor on the Mac OS X 

However there are reports that the Panther install breaks the Apple Java 
VM on some systems. (A conflict between the Quick time libraries and 
Java) This means that no Java applications will run. An easy way to see 
if you have this problem is to open the the Terminal application, you 
will find it in your Applications->Utilities folder.

Type the following command:

java -version

You should see the following message displayed:

HotSpot not at correct virtual address. Sharing disabled.

This means you have the problem.

You can solve it by follwoing the steps:





Next, load the Panther installer, and perform a "Custom" install of ONLY 
the "Essential System Software" (which includes Java). When it finishes, 
you will find a brand new JavaVM.framework directory, and "java 
-version" reports "builder 1.4.1_01-99", as it should. Once everything 
works, you can delete the JavaVM.framework.bak directory.

Other solution is to force the editor to use the java 1.3.1 which is 
available on every Mac OS X platform. For this, open the oxygen.app 
bundle: CTRL-click on the icon, select "Show package contents", then 
open Contents and edit using the TextEdit application the file 
Info.plist, modifying:




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