[oXygen-sdk] Insert content reference / key reference dialog not modal anyomre since oXygen 15

Jan Bevers jbevers at sdl.com
Wed Jun 18 02:55:08 CDT 2014

Hi Radu

Thanks for the explanation. Creating a hidden dialog does the trick. We are using a native dialog indeed.
We have an extra action to browse the CMS yes. It was at certain dialogs like the "insert content reference" where we had this problem.

Are there any other locations beside the CustomInputURLChooserCustomizer where I should implement this?

Kind Regards

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Hi Jan,

Right, so the "Insert Content Reference" dialog is not modal anymore.
The dialog has a drop-down containing browse actions and you probably added your own action for browsing the CMS to it, right? Your action, when invoked should show a modal Java dialog allowing the user to browse the CMS. What does it currently do? Does it show a modeless window? Is the window Java based or is it a native window?
If you are showing a modeless native window you could start a thread which shows the native window and then show an empty not-decorated modal Java dialog over the parent dialog just to block the user interface thread from responding until the native window is closed.
For example when you use File->Open in Oxygen on Windows, the file chooser is a native window called via JNI. But it looks like it is modal because it gets as a parent a handler to the main Oxygen frame. Also behind the native window we show a small (0 pixels width and heigth) undecorated modal dialog to block the Java AWT thread while the native window is displayed.


Radu Coravu
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On 6/17/2014 4:03 PM, Jan Bevers wrote:
> Hi
> We currently have an issue with our browse window which is attached to 
> the insert content reference dialog. In oXygen 14.2 this dialog used 
> to modal and was blocking the user to click / do something in the main 
> window. The dialog which pops up when inserting an image/hyperlink is 
> still modal though.
> Because the dialog is not modal anymore the user can minimize the 
> application. When the user does this our dialog gets lost somewhere in 
> the background.
> Can you provide us with a workaround to get this behavior back for our 
> integration?
> Thanks in advance
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