[oXygen-sdk] Find/replace in maps doesn't seem to refresh correctly

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Thu Mar 21 05:03:28 CDT 2013

Hi Jan,

The behavior is exactly as you described.
I will add an issue for this on our issues list (and hopefully fix it in 
15.0, in a couple of months). After a Replace All is performed (and the 
replacement is done by directly modifying the target URLs content), we 
should improve Oxygen to look if any of the opened editors was somehow 
modified by the replace operation and signal this to the user (or reload 
it directly if not modified).

The mechanism we have right now (and which works properly if the 
resources are considered local files) is that when an already opened 
editor is focused (the user clicks in it for example) Oxygen checks if 
it maps to a local file (java.io.File) and if so checks if the 
modification timestamp has changed on it. If it detects changes, it reloads.

The problem is that you are using a custom protocol and Oxygen only 
makes these checks for URLs with the "file" protocol.
But as the replacement was made from Oxygen, we can make an improvement 
to also considered these opened editors as changed.


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/>  XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

On 3/21/2013 11:00 AM, Jan Bevers wrote:
> Hi
> I’ve implemented a CMS integration within oXygen. I’m using a custom
> protocol handler to handle connections to the repository.
> Now I have an issues with find and replace on a DITA map.
> What I do:
> ·Open a map manager in the map manager panel
> ·Open one of the topics in the editor view
> ·Find/replace in files on the map
> ·Replace all on a word
> ·The operation finishes but my changes are not visible in the UI
> ·If I check the file system I can see that the replace was done correctly
> ·After I press F5 my changes are also visible in  the oXygen UI
> ·This is happening on the map manager view and the editor view
> Do you have a clue why this is happening? File system dita refreshes the
> content immediately. So maybe I missed something?
> Thanks
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