Smart Editing in Text Mode

Oxygen XML Editor plugin includes smart editing features to help you edit XML documents in Text mode. The following smart editing features are included:

  • Closing tag auto-expansion - This feature helps save some keystrokes by automatically inserting a closing tag when you insert a complete start tag and the cursor is automatically placed in between the start and end tags. For instance, after entering a start <tag>, the corresponding closing </tag> is automatically inserted and the cursor is placed between the two (<tag>|</tag>.
  • Auto-rename matching tag - When you edit the name of a start tag, Oxygen XML Editor plugin will mirror-edit the name of the matching end tag. This feature can be controlled from the Content Completion option page.
  • Auto-breaking the edited line - The Hard line wrap option automatically breaks the edited line when its length exceeds the maximum line length defined for the format and indent operation.
  • Indent on Enter - The Indent on Enter option indents the new line inserted when you press Enter.
  • Smart Enter - The Smart Enter option inserts an empty line between the start and end tags. If you press Enter between a start and end tag, the action places the cursor in an indented position on the empty line between the lines that contain the start and end tag.
  • Double-click - A double-click selects certain text, depending on the position of the click in the document:
    • If the click position is on a start tag or end tag, then the element name is selected.
    • If the click position is after a start tag or before an end tag, then the entire content of the element without the start and end tags is selected.
    • If the click position is before a start tag or after an end tag, then the entire tag is selected, including the start and end tags, and the content in between.
    • If the click position is immediately before an attribute, then the entire attribute and its value is selected.
    • If the click position is immediately after the opening quote or immediately before the closing quote of an attribute value, then the entire attribute value is selected.
    • Otherwise, a double-click selects contiguous text.
  • Triple-click - A triple-click selects the entire current line of text.