View Preferences

The View preferences page allows you to configure some options in regards to certain views. To edit these options, open the Preferences dialog box and go to View.

The following options are available:

Console section
Enable Oxygen consoles
If selected, various messages will be contributed to the Console view when certain events are triggered (such as schema detection, validation, or transformation events).
Fixed width console
If selected, a line in the Console view will be hard wrapped after the specified maximum numbers of characters allowed on a line is reached.
Limit console output
If selected, the content of the Console view will be limited to a configurable number of characters.
Console buffer
If the Limit console output option is selected, this specifies the maximum number of characters that can be written in the Console view.
Tab width
Specifies the number of spaces used for depicting a tab character.
Elements view section
Show only items allowed at cursor position
If selected, when editing in Author mode, only the elements that are allowed at the current cursor position will be listed in the Elements view. If not selected, two additional tabs (Before and After) will be displayed at the bottom of the view (in Author mode only). These tabs list the elements that are allowed before or after the element at the current cursor position.