Schema Design Preferences

Oxygen XML Editor plugin provides a graphical schema design editor to make editing XML Schema easier. To configure the Schema Design options, open the Preferences dialog box and go to Editor > Edit modes > Schema Design.

The following options are available in the Schema Design preferences page:

Show annotation in the diagram
When selected, Oxygen XML Editor plugin displays the content of xs:documentation elements in schema diagrams.
When trying to edit components from another schema
The schema diagram editor will combine schemas imported by the current schema file into a single schema diagram. You can choose what happens if you try to edit a component from an imported schema. The options are:
  • Always go to its definition - Oxygen XML Editor plugin opens the imported schema file so that you can edit it.
  • Never go to its definition - The imported schema file is not opened and the component cannot be edited in place.
  • Always ask - Oxygen XML Editor plugin asks if you want to open the imported schema file.