Opening and Saving Remote Documents

Oxygen XML Editor plugin supports editing remote files, using the FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV protocols. You can edit remote files in the same way you edit local files.

You can open one or more remote files in the Open using FTP/SFTP dialog box

A WebDAV resource can be locked when it is opened in Oxygen XML Editor plugin by selecting the Lock WebDAV files on open option to prevent other users to modify it concurrently on the server. If a user tries to edit a locked file, Oxygen XML Editor plugin displays an error message that contains the lock owner's name. The lock is released automatically when the editor for that resource is closed in Oxygen XML Editor plugin.

To avoid conflicts with other users when you edit a resource stored on a SharePoint server, you can Check Out the resource.

To improve the transfer speed, the content exchanged between Oxygen XML Editor plugin and the HTTP / WebDAV server is compressed using the GZIP algorithm.

The current WebDAV Connection details can be saved by switching to the Database perspective and then you can browse and manage the connection in the Data Source Explorer view.