HTTP(S)/WebDAV Preferences

To set the HTTP(S)/WebDAV preferences, open the Preferences dialog box and go to Network Connection Settings > HTTP(S)/WebDAV. The following options are available:
Enable the HTTP(S)/WebDAV Protocols
Activates the HTTP(S)/WebDAV protocols bundled with Oxygen XML Editor plugin. Any adjustment to this option requires a restart of the application.
Internal Apache HttpClient Version
Oxygen XML Editor plugin uses the Apache HttpClient to establish connections to HTTP servers. For Oxygen XML Editor plugin to benefit from particular sets of features provided by different versions, you may choose between v3 and v4.
Read Timeout (seconds)
The period (in seconds) after which the application considers that an HTTP server is unreachable if it does not receive any response from that server.
Automatically accept a security certificate, even if invalid
When selected, the HTTPS connections that Oxygen XML Editor plugin attempts to establish with will accept all security certificates, even if they are invalid.
Important: By accepting an invalid certificate, you accept (at your own risk) a potential security threat, since you cannot verify the integrity of the certificate's issuer.
Lock WebDAV files on open
If selected, the files opened through WebDAV are locked on the server so that they cannot be edited by other users while the lock placed by the current user still exists on the server.