Configuring a Link Target Element Finder

The link target reference finder represents the support for finding references from links that indicate specific elements inside an XML document. This support will only be available if a schema is associated with the document type.

If you do not define a custom link target reference finder, the DefaultElementLocatorProvider implementation will be used by default. The interface that should be implemented for a custom link target reference finder is As an alternative, the ro.sync.ecss.extensions.commons.DefaultElementLocatorProvider implementation can also be extended.

The used ElementLocatorProvider will be queried for an ElementLocator when a link location must be determined (when a link is clicked). Then, to find the corresponding (linked) element, the obtained ElementLocator will be queried for each element from the document.

Note: The complete source code for framework customization examples can be found in the oxygen-sample-framework module of the Oxygen SDK , available as a Maven archetype on the Oxygen XML Editor plugin website.