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The Oxygen XML Author Component can be deployed as a Java Applet using the new Applet with JNLP Java technology, available in Oracle (Sun) Java JRE version 1.6 update 10 or newer.

The sample project demonstrates how the Oxygen XML Author Component can be distributed as an applet.

To deploy the Oxygen XML Author Component as a Java Applet, consider the following notes:
  • Follow the instructions here to setup the sample project and look for Java sources of the sample Applet implementation in the sample project module (oxygen-sample-applet). They can be customized to fit your requirements.
  • The default.properties configuration file must first be edited to specify your custom certificate information used to sign the applet libraries. You also have to specify the code base from where the applet will be downloaded.
  • You can look inside the web-resources/author-component-dita.html and web-resources/author-component-dita.js sample Web resources to see how the applet is embedded in the page and how it can be controlled using JavaScript (to set and get XML content from it).
  • The sample Applet target/jnlp/author-component-dita.jnlp file contains the list of used libraries. This list is automatically generated from the Maven dependencies of the project.
  • The sample frameworks and options JAR archives can be found in the bundle-frameworks and bundle-options modules of the sample project.
  • Use the Maven command mvn package to pack the component. More information are available here. The resulting applet distribution is copied in the target/jnlp/ directory. From this on, you can copy the applet files on your web server.

Figure: Oxygen XML Author Component Deployed as a Java Applet