Publishing WebHelp Classic Output on a SharePoint Site

Since WebHelp output must be published locally, on the same machine where the WebHelp process is running, to publish your files directly to a SharePoint library you need to map a network drive to connect to SharePoint and change your file extensions to .aspx, as described in the steps below.

To publish WebHelp Classic output on a SharePoint site, follow this procedure:
  1. Map a network drive to connect to your SharePoint library. For more information, see:
  2. To allow browsers to open your published files (rather than downloading them), you need to change the file extensions from .html to .aspx. Fortunately, this can be done in the transformation scenario.
    1. Edit the WebHelp transformation scenario and open the Parameters tab.
      1. For a DITA transformation, set the args.outext parameter to .aspx.
      2. For a DocBook transformation, set the html.ext parameter to .aspx.
    2. Run the transformation scenario.