Opening Documents

To open a document in Oxygen XML Developer plugin, do one of the following:

  • Go to File > Open File to display the Open File dialog box.
  • Go to File > Open URL to display a dialog box that allows you to access any resource identified through a URL (defined by a protocol, host, resource path, and an optional port). The following actions are available in the drop-down action list:
    • Browse for local file - Opens a local file browser dialog box, allowing you to select a local file.
    • Browse for remote file - Displays the that allows you to open a remotely stored file.
    • Browse for archived file - Displays the Archive Browser that allows you to browse the content of an archive and choose a file.
    • Browse Data Source Explorer - Opens the Data Source Explorer that allows you to browse the data sources defined in the Data Sources preferences page.
      Tip: You can open the Data Sources preferences page by using the Configure Database Sources shortcut from the Open URL dialog box.
    • Search for file - Displays the that allows you to search for a file.
  • Select the Open or Open with action from the contextual menu of the Navigator view.