Opening and Saving Documents with Unsupported Characters

When loading documents, Oxygen XML Developer plugin receives the encoding of the document from the Eclipse platform. This encoding is then used to instruct the Java Encoder to load support for and to save the document using the specified code chart.

While in most cases you are using UTF-8, simply changing the encoding name causes the application to save the file using the new encoding.

When a document with a UTF-16 encoding is edited and saved in Oxygen XML Developer plugin, the saved document has a byte order mark (BOM) that specifies the byte order of the document content. The default byte order is platform-dependent. That means that a UTF-16 document created on a Windows platform (where the default byte order mark is UnicodeLittle) has a different BOM than one created on a Mac OS platform (where the byte order mark is UnicodeBig). The byte order and the BOM of an existing document are preserved when the document is edited and saved.