Creating New Documents Based on Templates

The New Document wizard allows you to select predefined templates or custom templates that you or other users created in previous sessions.

The list of templates presented in the wizard includes:

  • User-defined template directory - You can add your own custom templates by creating template files in a directory and then add that directory to the list of template directories that Oxygen XML Developer plugin uses in the Document Templates preferences page. This user-defined directory will appear in the New from templates wizard.
  • Global templates - Contains a list of predefined templates as well as any user-defined custom templates that are saved in the templates directory of the Oxygen XML Developer plugin installation folder ([OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/templates).
  • Framework templates - Contains the list of templates defined in the Document Type configuration dialog box (Templates tab) for each framework.

New from Templates Wizard

The New from Templates wizard allows you to create various types of documents based upon predefined or custom document templates. To use this wizard to create a new document in Oxygen XML Developer plugin, follow these steps:
  1. Click the New button on the toolbar and select New from Templates (or select File > New > Other > Oxygen XML Developer plugin > New From Templates).

    Result: The New from Templates wizard is displayed that allows you to select various types of document templates.

  2. Select the type of document that you want to create and click Next.
  3. Choose the storage path and a file name for the new document.
  4. Click the Finish button.

    Result: The new file is created and if the Open file for editing when done option is selected, the new file will be opened in the appropriate editor.