Associating a Schema in a Framework (Document Type) Configuration

The schema used to compute valid proposals in the Content Completion Assistant and by the document validation engine to report errors and warnings can be defined in each particular framework (document type). This schema will be used only if one is not detected in the current XML file.

To associate a schema in a particular framework (document type), follow these steps:
  1. Open the Preferences dialog box and go to Document Type Association.
  2. Select your particular document type and click the Edit, Extend, or Duplicate button to modify an existing framework (or use the New button to create a new one).

    Step Result: This opens a Document type configuration dialog box.

  3. Go to the Schema tab.
  4. Select the schema type and its URI.
  5. Click OK.

Result: The schema is now associated with the particular document type and will be used by the Content Completion Assistant and validation engine if a schema is not detected in the current XML document.