DITA Preferences

To access the DITA Preferences page, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to DITA. This preferences page includes the following sections and options:

DITA Open Toolkit section
This section allows you to specify the default directory of the DITA Open Toolkit distribution (bundled with the Oxygen XML Developer installation) to be used for validating and publishing DITA content. You can select from the following:
Built-in DITA-OT 1.8
If this is set, all defined DITA transformation scenarios will run with DITA-OT 1.8.5. The built-in DITA OT 1.8.5 directory is: [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/dita/DITA-OT.
Built-in DITA-OT 2.x (with support for DITA 1.3 and Lightweight DITA)
Starting with Oxygen 18.0, this is the default setting. All defined DITA transformation scenarios will run with DITA-OT 2.5.2. This also gives you access to DITA 1.3 file templates when you create new documents from templates. The default DITA OT 2.5.2 directory is: [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/dita/DITA-OT2.x.
Allows you to specify a custom directory for your DITA OT distribution.
You can either provide a new file path for the specific DITA OT that you want to use or select a previously used one from the drop-down list. You can specify the path by using the text field, the Insert Editor Variables button, or the Browse button.