Predefined Document Types (Frameworks)

Oxygen XML Developer includes a variety of specialized editors, views, and features that are dynamic according to the type of document that you open or create. The type of documents that are supported include the most popular predefined XML frameworks that include a full set of features as well as other document types that include more generic or common features.

Predefined Frameworks

The following predefined document types (frameworks) are fully supported in Oxygen XML Developer and each of these document types include built-in transformation scenarios, validation, content completion and file templates:
  • DocBook 4 - A document type standard for books, articles, and other prose documents (particularly technical documentation).
  • DocBook 5 - An enhanced (version 5) document type standard designed for a variety of documents (particularly technical documentation).
  • DITA - An XML-based architecture designed for authoring, producing, and delivering technical information.
  • DITA Map - A document type that collects and organizes references to DITA topics or other maps.
  • XHTML - Extensible HyperText Markup Language includes the same depth of expression as HTML, but also conforms to XML syntax.
  • TEI ODD - Text Encoding Initiative One Document Does it all is an XML-conformant specification that allows you to create TEI P5 schema in a literate programming style.
  • TEI P5 - The Text Encoding Initiative guidelines is a standard for the academic community that collectively define an XML format for text that is primarily semantic rather than presentational.
  • JATS - The NISO Journal Article Tag Suite is a technical standard that defines an XML format for scientific literature.