Configuring Options

A set of options controls the behavior of Oxygen XML Author plugin, allowing you to configure most of the features. To offer you the highest degree of flexibility in customizing the application to fit the needs of your organization, Oxygen XML Author plugin includes several distinct layers of option values.

The option layers are as follows (sorted from high priority to low):
  • Global Options

    Allows individual users to personalize Oxygen XML Author plugin according to their specific needs.

  • Customized Default Options
    Designed to customize the initial option values for a group of users, this layer allows an administrator to deploy the application preconfigured with a standardized set of option values.
    Note: Once this layer is set, it represents the initial state of Oxygen XML Author plugin when an end-user uses the Restore defaults or Reset Global Options actions.
  • Default Options

    The predefined default or built-in values, tuned so that Oxygen XML Author plugin behaves optimally in most working environments.

Important: If you set a specific option in one of the layers, but it is not applied in the application, make sure that one of the higher priority layers does not overwrite it.