Extension Points for Oxygen XML Author plugin

The Oxygen XML Author plugin includes a number of extension points, which can be implemented by other Eclipse plugins that depend on it. All of them are listed in the plugin.xml file, along with samples of usage code. The following is a list with short descriptions for some of the most useful extension points:

Extension point: ditaKeyDefinitionManager

It can be used to provide an external keys manager, responsible of providing DITA keys that are then used for editing and resolving referenced content. Its EXSD schema can be found in: OXYGEN_PLUGIN_DIR/exsd-schema/ditaKeyDefinitionManager.exsd.

Extension point: actionBarContributorCustomizer

A very useful extension point that can add or remove actions from various menus, contextual menus, and toolbars that are contributed by the Oxygen XML Author plugin. Its EXSD schema can be found in: OXYGEN_PLUGIN_DIR/exsd-schema/actionBarContributorCustomizer.exsd.

Extension point: customEditorInputCreator

Create your custom editor input for a certain resource that will be opened by the Oxygen XML Author plugin when clicking links. Its EXSD schema can be found in: OXYGEN_PLUGIN_DIR/exsd-schema/customEditorInputCreator.exsd.

Extension point: editorAdapterContributor

When an adapter is requested to the opened XML editor you can provide your custom adapter from your external plugin. Its EXSD schema can be found in: OXYGEN_PLUGIN_DIR/exsd-schema/editorAdapterContributor.exsd.

Extension point: extensionsBundleContributor

Provide your own ExtensionsBundle implementation for a certain opened XML resource. Its EXSD schema can be found in: OXYGEN_PLUGIN_DIR/exsd-schema/extensionsBundleContributor.exsd.

Extension point: stylesFilterContributor

Provide your own StylesFilter implementation for special visual rendering when an XML resource is opened in the Author editing mode. Its EXSD schema can be found in: OXYGEN_PLUGIN_DIR/exsd-schema/stylesFilterContributor.exsd.

Extension point: XMLRefactoringContributor

Contribute a folder that contains the additional XML Refactoring operation descriptor files and XQuery scripts that can be used by the batch XML refactoring actions. Its EXSD schema can be found in: OXYGEN_PLUGIN_DIR/exsd-schema/xmlRefactoringContributor.exsd.

Extension point: AuthorStylesheet

Use this extension point to provide a stylesheet layer that will be used when rendering any XML document in Author mode. Its EXSD schema can be found in: OXYGEN_PLUGIN_DIR/exsd-schema/authorStylesheetContributor.exsd.