Documentum xDB (X-Hive/DB) 10 Parser Configuration for Adding XML Instances

When an XML instance document is added to a Documentum xDB (X-Hive/DB) 10 connection or library, it is parsed with an internal XML parser of the database server. The following options are available for configuring this parser:

  • DOM Level 3 parser configuration parameters. More about each parameter can be found here: DOM Level 3 Configuration.
  • Documentum xDB (X-Hive/DB) 10 specific parser parameters (for more information, consult the Documentum xDB (X-Hive/DB) 10 manual):
    • xhive-store-schema - If selected, the corresponding DTD or XML schemas are stored in the catalog during validated parsing.
    • xhive-store-schema-only-internal-subset - Stores only the internal sub-set of the document (not an external sub-set). This option modifies the xhive-store-schema (only has a function when that parameter is set to true, and when a DTD is involved). Select this option if you only want to store the internal sub-set of the document (not the external sub-set).
    • xhive-ignore-catalog - Ignores the corresponding DTD and XML schemas in the catalog during validated parsing.
    • xhive-psvi - Stores psvi information about elements and attributes. Documents parsed with this feature turned on give access to psvi information and enable support of data types by XQuery queries.
    • xhive-sync-features - With this convenience setting turned on, parameter settings of XhiveDocumentIf are synchronized with the parameter settings of LSParser. Note that parameter settings xhive-psvi and schema-location are always synchronized.