Adding a Welcome Message in the Home Page

The main page of the WebHelp Responsive output contains a set of empty placeholders that can be used to display customized text fragments. These placeholders are available to you through WebHelp Responsive transformation scenario parameters. One of these placeholders (identified through the webhelp.fragment.welcome parameter) was designed to display text content above the search box in the main page.

To add a customized welcome message in the main page of the WebHelp Responsive output, follow this procedure:
  1. Edit a WebHelp Responsive transformation scenario.
  2. Open the Templates tab and choose a skin.
  3. Open the Parameters tab and edit the webhelp.fragment.welcome parameter. The value of this parameter can be one of the following:
    • A small well-formed XHTML fragment (such as: <i>Welcome to the User Guide</i>).
    • Path to a file that contains well-formed XHTML content.
  4. Click OK, then click the Apply associated button to execute the transformation scenario.