Example - Customizing the DITA Framework

If you look inside the bundle-frameworks\oxygen-frameworks folder distributed with the Oxygen XML Author Component sample project, it contains a framework folder. Customizations that affect the framework configuration for the component should first be done in a standalone installation of Oxygen XML Author.

An Oxygen XML Author standalone installation includes a frameworks folder that contains the dita framework located in [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]\frameworks\dita. The dita framework contains a bundled DITA-OT distribution which contains the DTDs used for DITA editing. If your DTD specialization is a DITA OT plugin, it should be installed in the DITA-OT-DIR\plugins folder.

To make changes to the DITA framework configuration, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to Document Type Association. These changes will affect the [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]\frameworks\dita\dita.framework configuration file.

After you do this you can re-pack the Oxygen XML Author Component following the instructions from the README.html file located in the oxygen-sample-applet project. The Author Component sample project and the Oxygen XML Author standalone installation should be of the same version.