Associating a Schema to XML Documents

Oxygen XML Author relies on schemas to validate XML documents and to compute valid proposals for the Content Completion Assistant.

Supported Types of Schema

The following schema types are supported:
  • W3C XML Schema 1.0 and 1.1 (with and without embedded Schematron rules)
  • DTD
  • Relax NG - XML syntax (with and without embedded Schematron rules)
  • Relax NG - compact syntax
  • NVDL
  • Schematron (both ISO Schematron and Schematron 1.5)

Detecting a Schema

For the purposes of using validation and content completion mechanisms, Oxygen XML Author tries to detect a schema by searching multiple locations, in the following order:

In addition, the locations of the schema can be mapped through the use of an XML Catalog. For more information, see Resolving Schema Locations Through XML Catalogs.

Tip: To quickly open the schema used for validating the current document, select the Open Associated Schema action from the toolbar (or Document > Schema menu).