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Oxygen XML Web Author has a user-friendly Dashboard where you can open and create new documents for particular repository service plugins (such as SharePoint, WebDAV, or Git). As long as a repository service plugin registers a create and open action, then it will include a tab with actions for creating and opening documents.

Register Create and Open actions for the Oxygen XML Web Author Dashboard

To register Create and Open actions, follow these steps:
  1. Create a plugin that has a plugin.js file in its web folder.
  2. In the plugin.js file, add code similar to the following example:
    // The base url to browse.
    var initialUrl = 'file:/[PATH_TO_RESOURCE_FOLDER]';
    var createAction = new sync.api.CreateDocumentAction(
        new sync.api.FileBrowsingDialog({initialUrl : initialUrl}));
    createAction.setActionName('New Document');
    var openAction =new sync.actions.OpenAction(
        new sync.api.FileBrowsingDialog({initialUrl : initialUrl}));
    openAction.setActionName('Open Document');
    var actionsManager = workspace.getActionsManager();
    Note: This example will provide browsing capabilities on your local file system. More complex connectors can be implemented using our JavaScript API. Also, to see information for a more complex example, you can also look at our Oxygen XML Web Author storage services integration project that is hosted on GitHub.
  3. Deploy the plugin in the Oxygen XML Web Author.

Result: The registered create and open actions will appear in your Dashboard in the tab for your particular file storage service.