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You can control whether or not the Change Tracking feature is enabled when a documented is opened in Oxygen XML Web Author with a trackChanges flag.

Possible values for the trackChanges flag:
  • default - The status of the Change Tracking feature is determined by server's global options.
  • enabled - The Change Tracking feature is enabled but the user can disable it using the Toggle Change Tracking toolbar button.
  • forced - The Change Tracking feature is enabled and the user cannot disable it. The user can reject their own changes, but cannot accept or reject changes made by others.
You can set this flag in your plugin's JavaScript code like this:
sync.api.Workspace.EventType.BEFORE_EDITOR_LOADED, function(e) {
    if(forced_track_changes_condition) {
      e.options.trackChanges = 'forced';
    } else if(track_changes_enabled_condition) {
      e.options.trackChanges = 'enabled';
    } else if(track_changes_default_condition) {
      e.options.trackChanges = 'enabled';
Tip: You can also use this flag in an embedded link that launches Web Author so that when a user clicks the constructed link, the documented will be opened in Web Author with the Change Tracking feature enabled.