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The following procedure assumes that your Oxygen XML Web Author HTTP floating license server contains a previously activated license key and provides instructions for replacing it with another one. The goal of the procedure is to allow you to activate and configure the new license key without any downtime.

This is useful if, for instance, you want to upgrade your existing license to the latest version or if you receive a new license key that accommodates a different number of users.

To replace a floating license key that is activated on your HTTP floating license server with a new one, follow these steps:
  1. Access the license server by following the link provided by the Tomcat Web Application Manager page.
  2. Click the Replace license key link. This will open a page that contains details about the license currently in use.
  3. Click the Yes button to begin the replacement procedure.
  4. Paste the new floating license key in the displayed form, then click Submit. The browser used in the process needs to have Internet access.
    You will be redirected to an online form hosted on the Oxygen XML Web Author website. This form is pre-filled with an activation code that uniquely identifies your license server deployment and your license key.
    Note: If for some reason your browser does not take you to this activation form, refer to the Manual Activation Procedure.
  5. Press Activate.

    If the activation process is completed successfully, your license server is now running using the new license key. You can click View license key to inspect the key currently used by the license server.