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It is possible to customize the Oxygen XML Web Author user interface (including the side views, toolbars, and theme) through the use of JavaScript APIs.

Customizing the Toolbars

To customize the actions that appear on the toolbar, you can use the Web Author JavaScript API to add or remove buttons.

If you embed Web Author in a web page, you may want to remove the header bar that displays the logo, the name of the file, and the name of the author. You can hide it using the hideAppBar() JavaScript API.

Customizing the Side Views

You can customize the side-views that appear in the editor by using the JavaScript API as described in the Customizing the Side Views tutorial.

Customizing the Theme

Although Web Author has a neutral theme, to better match the theme of your application, you can customize it by injecting a custom CSS file using JavaScript code from a plugin. The CSS file should also be served by your plugin using the WebappStaticResourcesFolder extension type.