WebHelp Classic Mobile System

WebHelp is a form of online help that consists of a series of web pages (XHTML format). Its advantages include platform independence, ability to update content continuously, and it can be viewed using a regular web browser. The Oxygen XML Editor WebHelp system includes several variants to suit your specific needs. The WebHelp Classic Mobile variant works on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile) and is specially designed for mobile devices when feedback from users is not necessary. It is available for DocBook and DITA document types. The functionality of the desktop WebHelp Classic layout is preserved, is organized in an intuitive layout, and offers table of contents, search capabilities, and index navigation.

Figure: WebHelp Classic Mobile

Important: Due to some security restrictions in certain browsers (Google Chrome and Internet Explorer), WebHelp Classic pages loaded from the local system (through URLs of the file:///... format) may not work properly. We recommend that you load WebHelp Classic pages in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer only from a web server (with a URL such as http://your.server.com/webhelp/index.html or http://localhost/web_pages/index.html).