Spell Checking

Oxygen XML Editor includes an automatic (as-you-type) spell checking feature, as well as a manual spell checking action to opens a Spelling dialog box that offers a variety of options. To open this dialog box, use the Check Spelling action on the toolbar or from the Edit menu.

Figure: Check Spelling Dialog Box

The Spelling dialog box contains the following fields:

  • Unrecognized word - Contains the word that cannot be found in the selected dictionary. The word is also highlighted in the XML document.
  • Replace with - The character string that is suggested to replace the unrecognized word.
  • Guess - Displays a list of words suggested to replace the unknown word. Double-click a word to automatically insert it in the document and resume the spell checking process.
  • Default language - Allows you to select the default dictionary used by the spelling engine.
  • Paragraph language - In an XML document, you can mix content written in multiple languages. To tell the spell checker engine what language was used to write a specific section, you need to set the language code in thelang or xml:lang attribute to that section. Oxygen XML Editor automatically detects such sections and instructs the spell checker engine to apply the appropriate dictionary.
  • Replace - Replaces the currently highlighted word in the XML document, with the selected word in theReplace with field.
  • Replace All - Replaces all occurrences of the currently highlighted word in the XML document, with the selected word in theReplace with field.
  • Ignore - Ignores the first occurrence of the unrecognized word and allows you to continue checking the document.Oxygen XML Editor skips the content of the XML elements marked as ignorable.
  • Ignore All - Ignores all instances of the unknown word in the current document.
  • Learn - Includes the unrecognized word in the list of valid words.
  • Options - Sets the configuration options of the spell checker.
  • Begin at cursor position - Instructs the spell checker to begin checking the document starting from the current cursor position.
  • Close - Closes the dialog box.