Editing XSLT Stylesheets

Oxygen XML Editor includes a built-in editor for XSLT stylesheets. This section presents the features of the XSLT editor and how these features can be used. The features of the XSLT editor include:
  • Create new XSLT files and templates - You can use the built-in new file wizards to create new XSLT documents or templates.
  • Open and Edit XSLT files - XSLT files can be opened and edited in the source editor (Text mode).
  • Visual Editing - XSLT stylesheets are rendered, and can be edited, in the visual Author editing mode.
  • Validation - Presents validation errors in XSLT files.
  • Content completion - Offers proposals for properties and the values that are available for each property.
  • Syntax highlighting - The syntax highlighting in Oxygen XML Editor makes XSLT files more readable.

To watch our video demonstration about basic XSLT editing and transformation scenarios in Oxygen XML Editor, go to http://oxygenxml.com/demo/XSL_Editing.html.