Editing XLIFF Documents

XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) is an XML-based format that was designed to standardize the way multilingual data is passed between tools during a localization process. Oxygen XML Editor provides the following support for editing XLIFF documents:

XLIFF Version 1.2 and 2.0 Support:
  • New file templates for XLIFF documents.
  • A default CSS file (xliff.css) used for rendering XLIFF content in Author mode is stored in [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/xliff/css/.
  • Validation and content completion support using local catalogs. The default catalog (catalog.xml) for version 1.2 is stored in [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/xliff/xsd/1.2, and for version 2.0 in [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/xliff/xsd/2.0.
XLIFF Version 2.0 Enhanced Support:
  • Support for validating XLIFF 2.0 documents using modules. The default modules are stored in [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/xliff/xsd/2.0/modules.