Editing Attributes in Author Mode

You can easily edit attributes in Author mode by using the Attributes View and Oxygen XML Editor also allows you to edit attribute and element values in-place, directly in the Author mode, using an in-place attribute editor.

In-place Attributes Editor

Oxygen XML Editor includes an in-place attributes editor in Author mode. To edit the attributes of an XML element in-place, do one of the following:
  • Select an element or place the cursor inside it and then press the Alt + Enter keyboard shortcut.
  • Double-click any named start tag when the document is edited in one of the following display modes.: Full Tags with Attributes, Full Tags, Block Tags, or Inline Tags.

This opens an in-place attributes editor that contains the same content as the Attributes view. By default, this editor presents the Name and Value fields, with the list of all the possible attributes collapsed.

Figure: In-place Attributes Editor

Name Combo Box
Use this combo box to select an attribute. The drop-down list displays the list of possible attributes allowed by the schema of the document, as in the Attributes view.
Value Combo Box
Use this combo box to add, edit, or select the value of an attribute. If the selected attribute has predefined values in the schema, the drop-down list displays those possible values.
If you click More while in the collapsed version, it is expanded to the full version of the in-place attribute editor.

Figure: In-place Attributes Editor (Full Version)

The full version includes a table grid, similar to the Atributes view, that presents all the attributes for the selected element.