Content Completion in SQF

Oxygen XML Editor helps you edit Schematron Quick Fixes embedded in a Schematron document by offering items that are valid at the cursor position in a Content Completion Assistant. When you edit the value of an attribute that references a quick fix id, the ids are collected from the entire definition scope. For example, if the editing context is assert/@sqf:fix, the Content Completion Assistant proposes all fixes defined locally and globally.

If the editing context is an attribute value that is an XPath expression (such as sqf:add/@match or replace/@select), the Content Completion Assistant offers the names of XPath functions, the XPath axes, and user-defined variables and parameters.

The Content Completion Assistant displays XSLT 1.0 functions (and optionally XSLT 2.0 / 3.0 functions) in the attributes path, select, context, subject, and test, depending on the Schematron options that are set in Preferences pages. If the Saxon 6.5.5 namespace (xmlns:saxon="") or the Saxon namespace is declared in the Schematron schema (xmlns:saxon="") the content completion also displays the XSLT Saxon extension functions.