Outline View in Author Mode

The Outline view in Author mode displays a general tag overview of the currently edited XML Document. When you edit a document, the Outline view dynamically follows the changes that you make, displaying the node that you modify. This functionality gives you great insight on the location of your modifications in the current document. It also shows the correct hierarchical dependencies between elements. This makes it easy for you to be aware of the document structure and the way element tags are nested.

Outline View Features

The Outline view allows you to:
  • Quickly navigate through the document by selecting nodes in the Outline tree.
  • Insert or delete nodes using contextual menu actions.
  • Move elements by dragging them to a new position in the tree structure.
  • Highlight elements in the editor area. It is synchronized with the editor area, so when you make a selection in the editor area, the corresponding nodes are highlighted in the Outline view, and vice versa.
  • View document errors, as they are highlighted in the Outline view. A tooltip also provides more information about the nature of the error when you hover over the faulted element.

Outline View Interface

By default, it is displayed on the left side of the editor. If the view is not displayed, it can be opened from the Window > Show View menu.

The upper part of the Outline view contains a filter box that allows you to focus on the relevant components. Type a text fragment in the filter box and only the components that match it are presented. For advanced usage you can use wildcard characters (*, ?) and separate multiple patterns with commas.

It also includes a Settings menu in the top-right corner that presents a variety of options to help you filter the view even further.

Drop and Drop Actions in the Outline View

Entire XML elements can be moved or copied in the edited document using only the mouse in the Outline view with drag-and-drop operations. Several drag and drop actions are possible:

  • If you drag an XML element in the Outline view and drop it on another node, then the dragged element will be moved after the drop target element.
  • If you hold the mouse pointer over the drop target for a short time before the drop then the drop target element will be expanded first and the dragged element will be moved inside the drop target element after its opening tag.
  • You can also drop an element before or after another element if you hold the mouse pointer towards the upper or lower part of the targeted element. A marker will indicate whether the drop will be performed before or after the target element.
  • If you hold down the (Ctrl (Command on OS X)) key after dragging, a copy operation will be performed instead of a move.

The drag and drop actions in the Outline view can be disabled and enabled from a Preferences page.

Tip: You can select and drag multiple nodes in the Outline view when editing in Author mode.

Figure: Outline View