Welcome to the User Manual of Oxygen XML Editor 18.0.
This chapter is designed to help you get started using Oxygen XML Editor as quickly as possible.
The platform requirements and installation instructions are presented in this chapter.
A description of all of the options that allow you to configure Oxygen XML Editor.
The detailed descriptions of the Editor, XSLT Debugger, XQuery Debugger, and Database perspectives.
Oxygen XML Editor includes several editing modes to suit your type of editing.
This chapter explains the editor types available in Oxygen XML Editor and how to work with them for editing various types of documents.
This chapter presents the various transformation scenarios and outputs available in Oxygen XML Editor.
This chapter shows how to query XML documents in Oxygen XML Editor with XPath expressions and the XQuery language.
Describes the archive support available in Oxygen XML Editor.
This chapter provides information about the support for various databases and Content Management Systems.
This chapter explains how to import data from various sources into XML documents.
Describes the debugging interface that helps you to detect and solve problems with XSLT and XQuery transformations.
Presents the built-in support for various document types.
This chapter provides details for customizing Author mode.
This chapter includes information about extending Oxygen XML Editor with plugins and the Author Component.
This chapter presents the various tools that are included in Oxygen XML Editor.
A compilation of common problems and their solutions.
This chapter is designed to be a guide to help content authors who use DITA.