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How you register to use a floating license will depend on how floating licenses are managed in your organization.

  • If the machines that share the pool of floating licenses are on multiple network segments, someone in your company will need to set up a license server. Consult that person to determine if they have set up a license server as a TCP or HTTP server as the registration process is different for each.

  • If all the machines sharing a pool of floating licenses are on the same network segment, you will register your licence the same way you register a Named-User Licence. Oxygen XML Editor will use your connection to a local area network, without additional notice, to automatically connect to other running instances of Oxygen XML Editor. These connections may transmit your IP address to the local network.

    Note: [For System Administrators] Multiple running instances of Oxygen XML Editor communicate with each other using UDP broadcast on the 59153 port, to the group.
    Warning: This mechanism was deprecated starting with version 17.0 and it is scheduled for removal in a future version. It is recommended to switch to the license server licensing mechanism.