XQuery Validation

With Oxygen XML Developer, you can validate your documents before using them in your transformation scenarios. The validation uses the Saxon PE processor or the EE, IBM DB2, eXist, Berkeley DB XML, Documentum xDB (X-Hive/DB) 10, or MarkLogic (version 5 or newer) if you installed them. Any other XQuery processor that offers an XQJ API implementation can also be used. This is in conformance with the XQuery Working Draft. The processor is used in two cases: validation of the expression and execution. Although the execution implies a validation, it is faster to check the expression syntactically, without executing it. The errors that occurred in the document are presented in the messages view at the bottom of editor window, with a full description message. As with all error messages, if you click an entry, the line where the error appeared is highlighted.

Figure: XQuery Validation

Note: If you choose a processor that does not support XQuery validation, Oxygen XML Developer displays a warning when trying to validate.

The Validation options button, available in the Document > Validate menu, allows quick access to the XQuery options in the Oxygen XML Developer preferences.

When you open an XQuery document from a connection that supports validation (for example, MarkLogic, or eXist), by default Oxygen XML Developer uses this connection for validation. If you open an XQuery file using a MarkLogic connection, the validation better resolves imports.