Quick Find Toolbar

A reduced version of the Find / Replace dialog box is available as a dockable toolbar. To display it press the Alt + Shift + F (Command + Alt + F on OS X) key combination or invoke the Find > Quick Find action. By default, the toolbar is displayed at the bottom of the Oxygen XML Developer window, above the status bar, but can be changed at any time by dragging (and docking) it to a different location. To hide the toolbar, use the Close button or ESC key.

All matches are highlighted in the current editor.

The toolbar offers the following controls:
  • A search input box where you insert the text you want to search for. The input box keeps a history of the last used search text. The background color of the input box turns red when no match is found.
  • Next and Previous buttons. They allow you to advance to the next or previous match.
  • All button. Highlights in the current document all matches of the search string.
  • Incremental checkbox. The search operation is started every time you type or delete a character in the search input box.
  • Case sensitive checkbox. When selected, the search operation follows the exact letter case of the search text.
  • Shortcuts to the Find/Replace and Find/Replace in Files dialog boxes.