Adding Custom Dictionaries for the Spell Checker

Oxygen XML Web Author includes an automatic spell checking feature and you can customize the words that are detected by adding custom dictionaries.

To add a custom dictionary, follow these steps:
  1. Download the files needed for your custom dictionary (or create your own).
    Tip: An example of a website that includes numerous dictionary files is:
  2. Copy the dictionary file (it should have a .dic file extension) to the following folder: [OXYGEN_WEBAUTHOR_INSTALL_DIR]\tomcat\work\Catalina\localhost\oxygen-xml-web-author\dicts.
    Important: The name of the dictionary file should begin with a two letter prefix that indicates the language it should be attached to, followed by an underscore or hyphen (for example, en_medical.dic for a medical dictionary in the English language). For a list of language codes, see
  3. If the dictionary includes an affix file (with a .aff file extension), it should also be added to the same folder.
  4. Restart the server for the spell checker to start using the new dictionary.