IBM DB2 XML Schema Repository Level

The contextual menu of a XML Schema Repository node in the tree from the Data Source Explorer view contains the following actions:

Performs a refresh for the sub-tree of the selected node.
Opens a dialog box for adding a new schema file in the XML Schema repository. In this dialog box, the following fields can be set:
  • XML schema file - Location on your file system.
  • XSR name - Schema name.
  • Comment - Short comment (optional).
  • Schema location - Primary schema name (optional).

Decomposition means that parts of the XML documents are stored in relational tables. Which parts map to which tables and columns are specified in the schema annotations. Schema dependencies management is done by using the Add and Remove buttons.

The actions available at Schema level are as follows:

Performs a refresh of the selected node (and its sub-tree).
Removes the selected schema from the XML Schema Repository.
Opens the selected schema in Oxygen XML Developer.
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