Configuring an XML Node Renderer Customizer

You can use this API extension to customize the way an XML node is rendered in the Author Outline view, Author breadcrumb navigation bar, Text mode Outline view, content completion assistant window or DITA Maps Manager view.
Note: Oxygen XML Author uses XMLNodeRendererCustomizer implementations for the following frameworks: DITA, DITA Map, DocBook 4, DocBook 5, TEI P4, TEI P5, XHTML, XSLT, and XML Schema.
Note: The Javadoc documentation of the Author API used in the example files is available on the Oxygen XML Author website. Also it is available in the Oxygen SDK Maven Project.
There are two methods to provide an implementation of ro.sync.exml.workspace.api.node.customizer.XMLNodeRendererCustomizer:

Support for Retina/HiDPI Displays

To support Retina or HiDPI displays, the icons provided by the XMLNodeRendererCustomizer should be backed up by a copy of larger size using the proper Retina/HiDPI naming convention.

For example, for the title element, if the XMLNodeRendererCustomizer returns the path ${framework}/images/myImg.png, then in order to support Retina images with a scaling factor of 2, an extra file (myImg@2x.png)should be added to the same images directory (${framework}/images/myImg@2x.png). If the higher resolution icon (the @2x file) does not exist, the normal icon is scaled and used instead.

For more information about using Retina/HiDPI images, refer to the Using Retina/HiDPI Images in Author Mode section.

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