Request a Floating License from a License Server Running as a Standalone Process

Floating License Server Running as a Standalone Process

  1. Start Oxygen XML Editor.
  2. Go to Help > Register .
    The license dialog is displayed. Oxygen XML Editor
  3. Choose Use a license server as licensing method.
  4. Select Standalone server as server type.
  5. Fill-in the Host text field with the host name or IP address of the license server.
  6. Fill-in the Port text field with the port number used to communicate with the license server.
  7. Click the OK button.
If the maximum number of available licenses was not exceeded a license key is received from the floating license server and registered in Oxygen XML Editor. To display the license details, go to the About dialog and select Help. If the maximum number of licenses was exceeded a warning dialog pops up letting you know about the problem. The message contains information about the users who requested and successfully received the floating licenses before exceeding the maximum number of licenses.