Actions Available at Connection Level

In a Berkeley DB XML repository the actions available at connection level in the Data Source Explorer view are the following:

Performs a refresh of the selected node's subtree.
Closes the current database connection.
Configure Database Sources
Opens the Data Sources preferences page where you can configure both data sources and connections.
Add container
Adds a new container in the repository with the following attributes.
  • Name - The name of the new container.
  • Container type - At creation time, every container must have a type defined for it. This container type identifies how XML documents are stored in the container. As such, the container type can only be determined at container creation time; you cannot change it on subsequent container opens. Containers can have one of the following types specified for them:
    • Node container - XML documents are stored as individual nodes in the container. That is, each record in the underlying database contains a single leaf node, its attributes and attribute values if any, and its text nodes, if any. Berkeley DB XML also keeps the information it needs to reassemble the document from the individual nodes stored in the underlying databases. This is the default, and preferred, container type.
    • Whole document container - The container contains entire documents. The documents are stored without any manipulation of line breaks or whitespace.
  • Allow validation - If checked it causes documents to be validated when they are loaded into the container. The default behavior is to not validate documents.
  • Index nodes - If checked it causes indices for the container to return nodes rather than documents. The default is to index at the document level. This property has no meaning if the container type is whole document container.
Shows a dialog containing a list of the Berkeley connection properties: version, home location, default container type, compression algorithm, etc.