Integration of an External XProc Engine

The Javadoc documentation of the XProc API is available for download from the application website as a zip file: In order to create an XProc integration project follow the next steps:
  1. Take the oxygen.jar from [OXYGEN_DIR]/lib and put it in the lib folder of your project.
  2. Implement the ro.sync.xml.transformer.xproc.api.XProcTransformerInterface interface.
  3. Create a Java archive (jar) from the classes you created.
  4. Create a engine.xml file according with the engine.dtd file. The attributes of the engine element have the following meanings:
    1. name - The name of the XProc engine.
    2. description - A short description of the XProc engine.
    3. class - The complete name of the class that implements ro.sync.xml.transformer.xproc.api.XProcTransformerInterface.
    4. version - The version of this integration.
    5. engineVersion - The version of the integrated engine.
    6. vendor - The name of the vendor / implementer.
    7. supportsValidation - true if the engine supports validation, false otherwise.

    The engine element has only one child, runtime. The runtime element contains several library elements with the name attribute containing the relative or absolute location of the libraries necessary to run this integration.

  5. Create a folder with the name of the integration in the [OXYGEN_DIR]/lib/xproc.
  6. Put there the engine.xml, and all the libraries necessary to run the new integration.