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Re: [xsl] Sebastian Rahtz

Subject: Re: [xsl] Sebastian Rahtz
From: "Adam Retter adam.retter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2016 20:12:40 -0000

RIP Sebastian.

I first met Sebastian went he invited me to give a lecture on XML and
eXist and tutorial at Oxford University. I was young at that time and
it was my first visit to Oxford University; I was nervous, but
Sebastian made me feel very at ease :-)

On 16 March 2016 at 16:00, David Carlisle d.p.carlisle@xxxxxxxxx
<xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am sorry to report that Sebastian Rahtz has died after illness.
> I have known Sebastian since the early 1990s, first via TeX and then
> XML and XSL. He was an early member of this list, posting in 1998. He
> produced one of the first XSL-FO implementations, passivetex. Any of
> you using TEI will be aware of his work in that field  over several
> years and his development of the XSLT support for TEI.
> He will be missed in many communities.
> David
> https://twitter.com/jamescummings/status/709909284457467904

Adam Retter

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