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[xsl] [ANN] Symposium on Cultural Heritage Markup adds Short Talks

Subject: [xsl] [ANN] Symposium on Cultural Heritage Markup adds Short Talks
From: "B Tommie Usdin btusdin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 18:15:35 -0000


With the addition of six short talks, the program for the symposium on
Cultural Heritage Markup is now complete.

The short talks are:

 To those who startle at innovation...
 Laura Randall, NCBI/NLM/NIH

 EAGLE and EUROPEANA: architecture problems for aggregation and harmonization
 Pietro Maria Liuzzo, Ruprecht-Karls-UniversitC$t Heidelberg

 Encoding western and non-western names for Ancient Syriac authors
 Nathan P. Gibson, Vanderbilt Divinity School
 Winona Salesky, Independent Consultant for Syriaca.org

 Duplicitous Diabolos: Parallel witness encoding in quantitative studies of
Coptic manuscripts
 Amir Zeldes, Georgetown University

 Encoding document and text in the Shelley-Godwin Archive
 Raffaele Viglianti, MITH - University of Maryland

 Divide and conquer: can we handle complex markup simply?
 Robin La Fontaine, DeltaXML

Complete program: http://balisage.net/CulturalHeritage/symposiumProgram.html
Registration: http://www.balisage.net/registration.html
Inquiries: info@xxxxxxxxxxxx

The symposium on Cultural Heritage Markup precedes Balisage: The Markup
Conference 2015.
Balisage is the XML Geek-fest; the annual gathering of people who design
markup and markup-based applications; who develop XML specifications,
standards, and tools; the people who read and write, books about publishing
technologies in general and XML in particular; and super-users of XML and
related technologies. You can read about the Balisage 2015 conference at

Balisage: The Markup Conference 2015          mailto:info@xxxxxxxxxxxx
August 11-14, 2015                             http://www.balisage.net
Preconference Symposium: August 10, 2015               +1 301 315 9631

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