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The question corresponds basically to XPATH 1.0 (not 2.0 , not XSL).

I have an XML like this (snippet only):

                        <book id="_1" name="Book1"/>
                        <book id="_2" name="Book2"/>
                        <book id="_3" name="Book3"/>
                        <borrowed bookId="_1"/>
                        <borrowed bookId="_2"/>

In an application (Windows WPF / XAML), my execution context is e.g. the
element "borrowed" (e.g. <borrowed bookId="_1"/>).

I have to find the name of the book which is referenced as bookId.

So my XPATH expression is like this:

Read as: give all books whose id equals to the bookId of the current node.

The Query  is executed for the "borrowed" node (execution context).

Unfortunately the expression doesn't return the result expected (rather an
empty set).

What is wrong in my understanding here?


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