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[xsl] Type of a variable containing values of mixed types

Subject: [xsl] Type of a variable containing values of mixed types
From: "Jorge . chocolate.camera@xxxxxxxxx" <xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 10:39:16 -0000


I only seldom write XSLT (and specifically only 2.0) so there are many
aspects of it that I am still not familiar with. After reading
I am forcing myself to declare the type of variables, parameters and,
sometimes, templates. I have immediately seen the benefit of it as
transformations I thought were simple and bug-free fail all over the
place revealing cases I did not account for.

How can I enforce that a variable contains a particular bunch of mixed
types? Say:

    <xsl:variable name="MY_VAR" as="b&">
        <xsl:value-of select="42"/>
        <xsl:value-of select="13"/>
        <xsl:value-of select="hello"/>

Is there a way to enforce, with the attribute `as`, that the variable
contains a series of integers and a string (or, even, particularly 2
integers and 1 string) or else have the transformation fail?

I am using Saxon-HE


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