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[xsl] Trial cards for the training course "The Evolution of XPath: =?UTF-8?B?IFdoYXTigJlzIE5ldyBpbiBYUGF0aCAzLjA=?="

Subject: [xsl] Trial cards for the training course "The Evolution of XPath: What’s New in XPath 3.0"
From: "Dimitre Novatchev dnovatchev@xxxxxxxxx" <xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2014 04:38:47 -0000

Recently I announced that the course bThe Evolution of XPath: Whatbs
New in XPath 3.0b was live on Pluralsight.

There has been overwhelming viewer interest and engagement with this
course since then, that hugely surpassed my most optimistic
expectations. The same was the case with the course: bXSLT 2.0 and 1.0
Foundationsb and I regret that in the past I couldnbt provide a trial
card to all who came up requesting one.

I now have (again) a limited number of trial cards that upon
registering, provide free, *one-month* unlimited access not only to
this XPath 3.0 training course and the course on XSLT, but also to all
other, more than 3000 Pluralsight training courses.

I will be glad to deal with requests for the cards on a first-come,
first-serve basis. Please, provide your email address, name and also
the name of the country you are from. In case you do receive a card,
please, use it without delays, as the cards will expire soon.

While consuming the card is free, I would greatly appreciate your
feedback reflecting the quality and coverage of these two training
courses and any needs and wishes you have for new XPath and XSLT
related training, sent personally to me.

Here are again the links to the two courses:



Please, address your request for a card, and your feedback to me. I am
dnovatchev and am using a google email account.


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